Catching Karma – 21

After a good night’s sleep in her own bed, feeling less like the vacation Marie and more the Home Marie, she turned on her phone.

That was one ‘take away’  she got from her four weeks of Paradise. The phone is a leash. Shutting it off is freedom.

Now, being home, ready for her usual challenges, she turned on the phone.

There were endless missed calls and messages.

She deleted all voice messages, unheard, then rang her office. During her vacation there had been a few catastrophes, and she was needed.

Expecting this, Marie showered and dressed and went to the Office.

Everyone was glad to see her back and the rest of the day passed with excitement. She didn’t leave the office until nearly eight, and bought takeaways, went home to eat and to bed.

If she needed proof that she mattered, today was it.

Maire awoke at six  a.m., did her yoga ate, showered, dressed and arrived at work at nine.

It was then she called her daughter, Steffie to say that she was back.


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Written by jaylar

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