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Rank and File – Sepia Tint

This scene was shot at sunset at a lake. These ducks here which were busy chasing people suddenly at dusk got back into the lake and formed two lines. Then they swam about in circles around the central fountain area which I guess  is where they slept at night.

They never broke their formation in all the 15-20 minutes they swam about. Then they perched on to the railings as it got really dark. This is one of my favorite this to watch in the park – the ducks at dusk.  Sadly I didn’t have a tripod with me so I couldn’t manage to get any night shots at long range.

I don’t enjoy having to carry my tripod and walk the 8-10 kilometres that I usually walk in this park. Besides my back problem doesn’t really make it possible for me to carry stuff and walk about. The camera is luggage enough.

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    What do you imagine the duck were thinking as the swam in rank and file?

    • 1 They were an army
    • 2 No, they were just happy that show time was over
    • 3 they were just beating retreat
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    Do you enjoy watching birds at sunset?

    • Yes
    • No


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