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A Poll for your level of IRRITATION!

We all become irritated with other people’s questions, responses or actions.  These are some sarcastic or humorous answers to some interesting questions in this poll, but you’ll have you think about how you would respond.  Have fun!!

  • If you reside in England, would you rather be asked?

    • Do you ever have tea with the Queen?
    • or asked directions to Buckingham Palace
  • If you are a very tall person, what bothers you more to be asked?

    • How tall are your parents?
    • What is your shoe size?
    • or a comment such as “Must be difficult to find a partner?”
  • You enter a restaurant, which would annoy you?

    • being asked a stupid question like “do you want a table?”
    • left standing at the front waiting like an idiot
    • seated at a table by a waitress but then she never returns for your order
  • Do you roll your eyes more when?

    • Someone comes into your house and asks “Do you have a bathroom?”
    • goes to the bathroom, and then you catch them wandering around looking at your other rooms
    • doesn’t take their shoes off at the door, and you have to ask them to
  • If you are a mom of twins, which would be better?

    • to be asked “Which one is your favorite?”
    • to be asked “Are they natural?”
    • would kindly prefer if they kept their trap shut
  • What bothers you most?

    • someone talking in the next public bathroom stall on their cell phone
    • people walking across the street looking or engrossed in their cell phone?
    • someone talking loud in a public or crowded place arguing with someone on their cell phone
    • all of the above

What do you think?

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Written by livinginstigma

Mental Health Advocate anti stigma, struggle w/depression, PTSD, chronic migraines, narcissist survivor. Blog chronic pain & invisible illnesses. Writer, poet.

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