Poisonous fungus spotted in Cairns, Australia

A photographer whose hobby has been photographing mushrooms of the rarest kind spotted this fungus known as Poison Fire Coral Fungus which resembles a mushroom that is used for making tea and has medicinal value,  in Japan and Korea.   There have been cases reported of deaths caused by consuming this fungus mistaken for the harmless mushroom in Japan and Korea. This fungus is native to Japan and Korea having travelled miles and now seen in the deep forests of Cairns, Australia.

It is reported that the toxins from this fungus, if touched,  can be absorbed through the skin with dire consequences. And if eaten there would be the normal symptoms that are displayed for poison consumption leading to failure or organs, shrinking of the brain and final death, if left untreated.

The only mushrooms that I have tasted are the Oyster and button mushrooms and would never risk eating anything as bizarre looking as this one.

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