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How important is creativity in our life? How it comes to us – new ideas? We need to be creative even for our writing, to find interesting ideas for our posts. Flashes of the moments, brilliant ideas long matured in consciousness, the process of perfect sentence formation, incredible impressions, emotions… Did you have experienced this ever?

Creativity has plenty of forms and is very mysterious, developers wait and welcome it like some kind of saint apparitions. Sometimes it is just absolute coincidence, falling not only on those who do earn bread from word art but even on those who do not wait for any creative ideas.

Happy is one who has once experienced the feeling when words itself come and overpower the mind, and these ideas are not going away to oblivion corners, even when if they are affected by the strongest human will. These ideas are alive to get implemented.

Such a man is a lucky one. Even talented, globally recognized writers sometimes need to wait for the appropriate moment or circumstances to find the best literary form for their idea, born somewhere in the subconscious for to elevate it to the highest possible artistic level.

I do not think I am lucky or have an inspiration for creative writing. Just some of my thoughts, some descriptions about my travels, what I like, what I don’t. I am not a writer at all. I have never written any book and even did not try to write poetry. How about you?

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