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Pinkie's baby

This little kitten was away from view all this while.  Her mother Pinkie had hidden her and none of us knew where she was kept.  

This morning however we found her in the TV cabinet.  We then noticed her slowly crawling out from there. She looks every bit like Pinkie and those brown spots indicate who her father is.  That cat never visits us but Pinkie’s absence for a few days makes us believe that she had gone in search of here mate. 

The baby looks cute and I admire the way Pinkie cares for her. 

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  1. This kitten is just the cutest. My last female cats had two litters in my house. The first litter was a lonely little male. The second litter started with three kittens and finished with a fourth kitten almost 48 hours after the first three… Keep an eye on the kitty cat as he will start walking fast and just might stray away….

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