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Pink Poinsettias

Exactly five years ago this was the rage here , pink poinsettias.  That year it was pretty expensive and I decided to wait another season to buy them. The next year too it wasn’t too cheap yet I decided to get myself a small plant for in October when it is not so expensive. It was only five inches tall then, and just a single stem.

Now it has become tally and i have taken many cutting from this one and given it to friends. These bracts look very different from the red poinsettias. I have seen red poinsettias in the wild look much different from the cultivated one sold in the market.

These have 20-30 colored bracts arranged in a neat circle. with two or three leaf bracts sticking out in the middle. I have wanted to graft my yellow poinsettias to the wild red ones, but Somehow I have never got around to doing it. This year after Christmas I should try some of these tricks to see what will become of them. I don’t even know for sure if they can be grafted because of their hollow stems. But it could be worth a try.


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    Do your poinsettias last well after Christmas?

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    Would you consider the pink poinsettia non traditional fro Christmas?

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  1. They are gorgeous! I love everything pink, they would go great with my decorations.
    I have only had red ones in flowerpots and they usually don’t last long after the holidays. The roots are in some kind of tube, so the plant grows fast, and they require a lot of watering. I am planning to try removing that tube and transferring the plant to a normal flowerpot after the holidays if it survives until then.

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