Perfect Reflection ~ Thursday Reflections

For I not satisfied to display photos showing a reflection of existing stock, I chose to make a photo of this simple reflection.

Trying to make a picture that shows both reflection and shadow at once, I have placed a pear and orange on a tray right in front of the glass.

Another impression that I want to draw is a reflection that is as perfect as possible in such a way that it appears as if both are not reflections but other fruits.

If you want to know the reason, the idea came from a reality where suspicion and jealousy without the fact of someone – who is now being handled by my wife – has become a perfect reflection through her attitude and behavior so that the person experiences high levels of depression.

  • In your opinion, is the effect I want to make through this experiment achieved?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?


  1. Great photo! I think its a success!
    Well, hmm … if he realised and agrees to get help, he aren’t that hopeless! (From your convo with Carol.)

    I’ve just submitted a “rant” about this person I met for a brief while having the reputation to be stubborn, selfish and “never wrong”. Well, probably a headache to people around, but never realise because its “always their faults!” He was spoken to before by some but still nothing works. He is never wrong, remember?

    I think I’m lucky I didn’t need to be there for long. He annoys me too much!

    Sorry, I’m ranting again, but well, knowing there is a problem is the first step to everything.

  2. This achievement like a photo I like. Good job. And the lady with depression does not seem to be busy enough and has plenty of time to think of stupid things. I have no free time even to meet the people I live with. We only see Sunday and we do not have the time to even raise our tone.

    • Thanks for your appreciation. This reminds me of your challenge before as well.

      That lady, when she used to work, or just being a mother (as well as siblings, seniors, friends, neighbors, etc.) tends to think as I have said, so besides hurting others, she actually hurt herself, to worst.

    • In fact, I have delivered some pieces of stories from this person several times, and we are very familiar with this family. So we know very well how other family members have suffered because of her imagination, too big an ego, and others that have become sources of suspicion and jealousy. Her inability to lead emotions makes the house always hot and explosive.

      A few weeks ago my wife accompanied him to a psychiatrist and the doctor said he was depressed at level 12 of 16.
      Hopefully, this is not an act of opening one’s shame.