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St. Roch is the patron saint of our barangay, my place of birth here in Philippines. August 16 is the original feast day but since August here is not yet harvest time, it was amended by the barangay council to celebrate it every last Friday of April every year.

St. Roch for me is very miraculous, proven that every time I pray and light a candle in the chapel. The patron saint of dog lovers and contagious diseases. He lived a simple life after his parents died instead of living prosperously being the son of the governor. He helped a lot of poor people, healed a lot with diseases and offered his life to God.

My second son was born on August 16th, after mass, my son came out and then my youngest was born on April 25th, a day before the feast day. I promised to St. Roch that I will guide my sons to come back to our place even if they’ve already reached their dreams they must have their time to attend mass or sponsor a mass for St. Roch.

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    • What I know about him is his pointing his wounds that was healed by the dog, the dogs licked his wounds and eventually would heal during those time that he helped the people of Italy and Rome where there is a plague. He doesn’t want to be a burden to other people when he too was infected by the plague so, he went into the woods and stay in a hut. There God sent a dog to watch over him and bring him food. The same dog that licked his wounds.

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