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Pain associated with emotions

Psychosomatic illnesses are those that involve both the mind and the body. This means that the disease is caused by accumulated emotional tensions, fears, and is expressed through physical symptoms such as pain.

I was told this by doctors twenty years ago when I had surgery on my spine. Of course, I doubted those words a little. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that doctors may be right.

Here are some types of pain that are often caused by stress.

1. Back pain

The area of the back and shoulders is undoubtedly the area of the body where we feel the most muscle tension as a result of stress, negative emotions.

2. Headaches, migraines

Emotions such as anger, anxiety, crying, sadness, and depression can trigger headaches and migraines.

3. Pain in legs and arms

4. Shoulder pain

Many kinesiologists believe that the shoulder area is the one that is hit first when we are under a lot of pressure. That is why they are also supposed to say that ‘we carry all the burdens on our shoulders’.

5. Stomach pain, cramps

We all know that during a stressful period, our stomachs can start to ache. A sore stomach is also associated with worries, fears, and anxieties.

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  1. Sometimes, the opposite is seemingly true, though, at least in some cases.

    Expressing emotions, especially pent up ones, can relieve tension, and cure headaches.

    This works with myself; when I have a bad headache, or migraine, I think of something sad, and I have a good cry, and my headache tension is then relieved, especially behind my eyes.


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