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Outrageous Price of Mask After a Positive Case of Corona Virus

Yesterday, we officially have a positive case of coronavirus in Indonesia. After almost a month Indonesia becomes the only country who still not affected by this virus even though most of the countries around us already have patience who diagnoses with coronavirus. There are two patients – a mother and her daughter. They got this virus after they interact with a tourist from Japan.

After this news broke, suddenly the demand for masks and hand sanitizer rise tremendously. Both of them become rare items in the markets and difficult to find in the store. These two become something that easily out of stock if you buy from the drugstore or mini market.

You still can find both of them in the online stores, but you need to be ready to pay the price at least ten times higher than the original price. I checked on several marketplaces, people sell a pack of the mask (50 pcs per pack), become 500.000 – 700.000 IDR while the normal price was only 25.000 IDR.

This unreasonable price really upsetting because it means those sellers take advantage of this situation. Those sellers claimed that the outrageous price is because they also bought it at a higher price from the supplier due to the high demand. While in fact, if you buy those from the drugstore, they sell at a normal price but those people bought in bulk amount to sell it again ten even twenty times higher.

I really hope that there are no more positive cases in my country and those two patients cured. So people will stop support those kinds of selling by buying from them.

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Written by Haraka


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  1. Hi Masks dont work. As you breath in your suck the microcosmic things through the gauze. They are designed to stop liquids. By walking past an infected person you have a 5-7% chance of being infected, CLEAN SURFACES IS THE KEY. If you still need to wear one put some alcohol on the mouth area

  2. The situation here is similar, masks cost 10 to even 20 times higher than their original price. Masks used by workers who protect themselves from dust and other small particles are gone too. On the other hand, masks can be a double-edged sword for healthy people if not used properly.

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