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On second thought

I did talk about what I was missing here at Virily and also came to know there were others sailing in the same boat.  We all know Admin does not talk but do what they think is good. Right or wrong.  Who am I to question anyway  Takes me to the quote by Alfred Lord Tennyson “Ours not to reason why, ours but to……”

I have decided to move on and just go about doing what I do here.  If I do not earn for some views received so be it. I have done well here and hope to continue.  

I have  decided to take a stand that many here have taken.  And that is the best to have  relaxing moments here. Although earning is a great incentive to be here there are other advantages – learning and sharing. 

  • Ours is not to question why but just do………..Do you agree?

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    • As is known here Admin never communicates. We are supposed to understand them looking at actions they take In this case I notice they do not credit virils for some views and this is only for a few users who apparently have earned well here. I understand it to be a way to keep their money crunch in check which is OK by me. If only they open up to the community I am sure many more will rally round them.


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