Not difficult to guess who her father is

This little one is Kittie the mother cat’s fourth production. The first one was Lolly, followed by Pinkie, Peppy and we have yet to name this one. 

We have feral tomcats roaming around in our garden and this kitten sure is the product of one of them and I know who that tomcat is going by the colour of this kitten.  Half of her is white and that is exactly what that tomcat is sporting. This kitten’s lower body is fully white – a replica of that tomcat. 

I do not see Kittie the mother these days.  Looks like she is busy with her fifth production and I wonder who the father will be this time.   

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  1. We have some cats roaming around here. My cat was left to die at 2 days old and a family found her. I became the last owner after she was advertised for someone to take her from the family. I have no idea her her parents are and I am sure she does not care because of what they did to her or what the owners did to her. Shame on them.


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