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North-East Monsoon : Change of Season

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That rain soaked feeling and chillness in the air. The first rains from the North-East Monsoon have arrived in Chennai. Aren’t the bamboo leaves looking happy after getting drenched in rains?

The rainy season for most parts of India is from June to September. South-West Monsoon brings rains to India during this period. However, the southern state of Tamil Nadu receives less rainfall in this period. The Western Ghats range of mountains block the thunder clouds from entering Tamil Nadu making it a rain shadow region during South-West Monsoon.

But nature has its own way of compensating the rain-starved state as the trade winds from North East pushes moisture from the sea into the land later in the year. North-East Monsoon begins from the middle of October and lasts for over two months. This is also the start of a pleasant season as the hot tropical region cools down.

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    What do you like to do on a rainy day?

    • Sip a cup of hot coffee.
    • Enjoy an ice cream.
    • Stay indoors and watch a movie.ovie.
    • Go for a drive.
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    Do you like to bathe in rains?

    • Yes
    • No


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