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Noni fruit juice

We had this tree and mother only used its bark for preparing a concoction if anyone had liver issues.  We were warned not to eat those fruits as they were poison. 

Much water has flowed under the bridge since then and I now know this fruit is packed with goodness. We have these trees in our garden and the cuckoos love the fruit. 

Noni cannot be eaten as a fruit as it stinks but it is now available in the form of juice that is prepared following a process that includes fermenting the fruit.  et al. 

There are several benefits – it takes care of arthritis, boosts immunity, it is anit-aging, good for gout, it is a moisturizer, prevents cancer, an energy booster, helps reduce stress……………

The link below has more details

I have decided to go for it.  

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  1. No, I rely on a varied diet and exercise. Very interesting about the noni fruit. TBH I take any far-reaching claims about a single item with a large pinch of salt. How many ‘superfoods’ and ‘supercures’ have we seen come and go in our lifetimes?!

    • This and Aloe vera came in my life almost together. I have faith in Aloe vera. I was a distributor for aloe based products marketed by Forever Living Products, USA. I have not tried Noni but I am not yet ready to take it with a pinch of salt (lol)

      I take many supplements – Evion, seven seas, supradyn…………….


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