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NFL Draft 2020 poll

Finally, the sports scene in the USA will be buzzing again this weekend with today being the start of this year’s National Football League (NFL) Draft.  Since most of the sports from around the world have been postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak, many sports aficionados will more than likely watch all three days of the NFL Draft.  

For the first time in years, even the Cincinnati Bengals cannot mess up this draft pick.  All football fans know that LSU quarterback Joe Burrow will be the #1 pick.  In an era in which the passing game is prioritized, Burrow had one of the best seasons in college football history (76.3 completion percentage, 5,671 passing yards, 60 TD’s).  The drama will unfold after this pick is made.

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    • I think that he will. He bounced back from not even sniffing the field at Ohio State to doing what he did at LSU. During games this past season, you could see his resilience. He would get sacked, but he would come back the next play and hit somebody for 60 yards. He’s got it. He’s already been talking with Peyton Manning on how to prepare on dealing with being a rookie in the NFL. Half of Cincy’s losses last season were by eight points or less. Jumping from 2 wins to like 5 or 6 wins will be possible, but their division is tough.


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