NFL Draft 2020 Review: Atlanta Falcons

Although the Atlanta Falcons had a rough season, they still ended the season strong at 7-9.  With a couple of more players, Atlanta could possibly turn things around in 2020.  Let’s take a look at who they picked up in the National Football League (NFL) Draft.

Round 1, Pick 16:  A.J. Terrell – CB – Clemson (6’1″, 195 lbs).  Terrell is a definite need for the Falcons in order to slow down opposing receivers with his height.  He will compete for a starting spot, but he does need to work on technique.

Round 2, Pick 15:  Marlon Davis – DT – Auburn (6’3″, 303 lbs).  Davis will add depth to the defensive line because the line needs help.

Round 3, Pick 14:  Matt Hennessy – C – Temple (6’4″, 307 lbs).  Hennessy will add depth to the offensive line at center or at guard.  Interior line depth is necessary because Matt Ryan was sacked too much last season.

Round 4, Pick 13:  Mykal Walker – LB – Fresno State (6’3″, 230 lbs).  Walker will add depth to the inside linebacking corps.  The Falcons need all kinds of help at stopping the run.

Round 4, Pick 28:  Jaylinn Hawkins – S – Cal (6’1″, 208 lbs).  Hawkins adds depth to the secondary.  He is a versatile player because he had 3 interceptions and 2 sacks last season, which means that he can help in the pass rush game.

Round 7, Pick 14:  Sterling Hofrichter – P – Syracuse (5’10”, 196 lbs).  Since the Falcons pass the ball too much, Atlanta has to punt often.  Hofrichter will contend for the starting punter spot.

Grade:  C-.  While focusing on defense, Atlanta needed to find more playmakers because their division foes all have offenses that are rather stacked.  They only had six draft picks.

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    • The problem last season is that they threw the ball way too much. It depends on if Todd Gurley can bounce back after being on the Rams. If not, then the Falcons will easily be in last place.

      • they let Tevon Coleman (IU grad!!!!) go. they lost the outside speed rushing game. They don’t have a power line they are more finesse.

        i don’t know if Gurley is or isn’t angry. But if he is, look out the league.

        their defense though can’t stop anyone.


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