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Nature Tuesday ~ Black Squirrel

I was visiting Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada when I stopped to take some photos in a park. On my way back to the car, I saw this black squirrel. This is an unusual sight for me as we have only brown and grey squirrels in our part of Canada. Black squirrels are the result of a rare mutation of the fox squirrel and the eastern grey squirrel.

Here is and interesting historical note about black squirrels. At the turn of the twentieth century  during President Roosevelt’s term, 18 Canadian black squirrels were released in the National Zoo in Washington, DC. As a result the black squirrel population in the area and on the grounds of the Washington National Cathedral has  increased significantly and accounts for  half of the squirrel population in the area. 

  • What color squirrels do you see in your area?

    • Grey
    • Brown
    • Black
    • None


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Written by Gloridaze