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My forgetfulness

This is an additional post to the previous post.

I forgot to attach posts from Ghostwriter. I apologize for my forgetfulness.

  • Has this ever happened to you?

    • Yes


What do you think?

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  1. i do that from time to time. It is that we are excited and trying to help others. So, we move faster than we should!

    you caught your mistake, so as they say no harm, no foul!

    I hadn’t read one of the posts by the Ghost, I have to be more diligent!

    Sharing is caring – Sharing is helping!

      • funny thing is, young people, forget things as well. It comes from what is called task attachment –

        when the task isn’t something we are attached to we can forget. (as in the garbage that wasn’t taken out, or the lawn that wasn’t mowed).

        as we get older we compensate for that, by understanding the importance of some things.

        In this case, my gut is you were so excited to share that you rushed!

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