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My Cacti And Succulent Garden

I love gardening and various sections of my garden are devoted to various kind of gardening. I have these wired racks which I use for my cactus and succulent gardening. They don’t like too much water and need the soil to be well draining. Placing the containers on wired racks help better airing and drainage from all sides.  Here is a tiny portion of my cacti and succulent garden.

The colors and the textures of these succulents and cacti add so much more interest to my garden. I would find myself wandering more to this side of my garden than the others. These guys are fuss free and happy.

Here in this picture you will find donkey’s tail, echeveria , crassula campfire , jumping jelly bean and other succulents.

Some tips for growing succulents

1. they love well draining soil.  I add pebbles right at the bottom of the container.

2.They hate being over watered.  some plants like crassula campfire  just rot.

3. Over exposure to sun  bleaches out color and causes sunburn on some plants.

4. They thrive in partial shade and like 6-8 hours of sun.

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