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Mosque's foundation after Five hundred years in Portugal.

History tells us that Portugal was part of Muslim Spain, the conquest of which is goes to the head of Mosa bin Naseer. The Muslims ruled this region with great pride, but later this area fell into the hands of Christians and was persecuted. Muslims were killed and mosques were converted into churches

Today Muslims are in the minority in Portugal. It was 1968 when, after a legislation there, Muslims began to stabilize themselves and make a living. At that time, 17 Muslims together formed the foundation of an organization. Later, under the same organization, a series of welfare and educational centers were opened to assist the Muslims. The Muslims settled there  translated the Holy Quran into the local language and made its publication possible.

One morning on March 29, 1985. The mosque was inaugurated during a major ceremony in Portugal  and It was the first Muslim synagogue in Portugal five centuries later.

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