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Morning Came

I opened up Virily to see someone wrote using the exact same title of a series I was doing. So do I toss all my research time and be done, perhaps.

Then there was a scolding post about what one needed to share what was right and wrong and grievances from other sites that are long gone. 

I was sad. I don’t need to start my day with this tone. There are enough real-life issues to deal with. The good news is that I went to read comments that people left on some of my posts and that restored my hope. Thanks for all the kind comments. I think I will give it a rest this morning and try to read posts later.

  • Do you ever have to leave and start over some other time?

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  1. I love reading your posts. Give yourself courage and let these unfriendly people talk to you whatever they want. I will tell you a Bulgarian proverb. May he translate it correctly. “The dogs bark at the camel’s caravan, but it doesn’t stop. It continues on its way forward.”

  2. This is another winning article of yours. Thanks! I’m curious about what you’re researching. I imagine it’s interesting.

    If it’s (a Virily post) not beneficial to my mind, I just move on. But always, I’m curious and give it a go by reading.


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