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Monday Macro – Zinnia

Zinnias are brightly colored flowering plants.  They come in single layer of petals or multi-layer of petals and in different colors.  These summery flowers attract butterflies and bees with their brightly colored petals and nectar.

These flowers centers have tiny yellow colored flowers containing nectar. These herbaceous plants are easy to grow from seeds and require 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. These upright growing plant produce a number of  branches from which the flowers grow. The flowers have no fragrance whatsoever.

Zinnias don’t take well to transplanting and it is better to grow them directly where you need them to grow. They prefer well draining soil and slow release fertilizer to grow and produce large blooms. Avoid overcrowding, and look out for fungal diseases that could attack them.

Zinnia is named after the German botanist Gottfried Zinn who first described these flowers.  Zinnias are very popular in butterfly gardens , along with Ixora, butterfly bush etc. zinnias are considered to be ugly flowers and a eyesore in Mexico and has earned the nickname ‘sickness of the eye’ there.

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    Do you think Zinnias are ugly?

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    Would you grow them in your garden or in containers if you had an opportunity to do so?

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