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Memories are our companions. No matter how forlorn or lonely we maybe we could just take out a page from our memory diary and ponder over it, live it once again bringing back those who were once so close but have drifted far and beyond.

The best memories that could be recalled are those of holidays spent in a foreign land, the plane rides, the friends that we make on the tour, the various places that we visit there, the kind of food that we taste typical of that place, the varying weather, playing with snow, the gondola rides, and most importantly the shopping that one did. This can fill up our whole day if we so wish.

School times, classmates, teachers, exams done,  accolades won, competitions that we entered into, the dramas that we took part in, the school holidays that we spent with neighbours’ children creating a shindig our parents wishing that we got back to school leaving them in peace.

Would it not be nice to reminisce the dating, friendships, the wedding day, getting ready for the big day, the trousseau, the arrangements that required to be done, car decorations, church decorations, the bridesmaids – who would have now grown into adults and would be planning their wedding day.

House hunting could keep our mind occupied for hours on end, the excitement and disappointments that went with it.

Last but not the least the mistakes that we made resulting in chaos and confusion in our life, the people that we hurt and friends that we lost, the day of the funeral of our most loved ones all these memories though poignant do take us back and could give us moments that we could live in, maybe shed tears once again.

No one can snatch our memories away as they are our private property.

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