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Medinilla Magnifica

This is one of the plants on my most wanted list. However, I have had to settle for Medinalla Speciosa which you see in the picture. I remember  seeing the picture of Mendinilla magnifica on line when it was voted as the plant of the year  and I knew I had to have it. However that particular cultivar is still not available where I live.

The Medinilla however has been a challenge for me. I have tried to grow this a couple of times and on both occasions have not had great success. It seems to hate direct sun, the leaves which are so beautiful get sun burned and the plant starts to die , but of I keep it in partial shade it dies of root rot.

Gardening is an experience of life. You need to understand each plant’s unique requirements and treat it the way it likes. Its very much like relating with people.

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