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May you know where is a time shop?

Sometimes I don’t understand how people are able to do everything on time. How do they work hundreds of jobs every day from eight to five (and maybe longer)? How do they working from eight to five (and maybe longer), still are able to accomplish hundreds of tasks more every day?

Visit the store to fill their home fridge, make lunch or dinner, even dessert, wash mountains of dishes, tidy up their rooms, share love, care, and smiles to their loved ones, find time for beauty treatments, sports, and books, and chat with a friends, find time for studies, and writing down emails, and so on and so forth… what’s the secret? How?

I’d like to find a time shop. Wherever you can go, smile to the vendors, and easily say, “Hi, I’d like a couple of hours … or maybe give me all four, thank you.” A saleswoman would pack my hours into a beautiful box, tie a colorful ribbon and blink her eye. Relax, stop running – would say she softly.

After the holidays, I feel exhausted. I thought today I will have a relax day, but not, here was again the full home of guests. I lack time, much time for my rest, but nope, tomorrow I have a meeting where I will sign up for a new project. 

May you know where is a time shop? 

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