Masala Dosa

There are more than 200 dosas that one can make but the Masala Dosa is considered to be the king of Dosas

The dosas are crisp and stuffed with potato filling.  The dosas are made from rice, black gram dal and a handful of gram dal. All this is  soaked separately overnight and ground to a batter consistency.  The batter then stays for hours until it rises.  There is a special pan for making these dosas larger than the normal pans.  The batter is thinly spread and the dosa  removed when done. 

The potato filling is done by boiling potatoes. They are cut into tiny pieces.  Mustard and curry leaves are tempered, chopped green chili and chopped onions are added. When done a bit of water is added and the potato pieces come next. Salt is added to taste.  There are other methods but this is what I follow. 

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  1. I am not sure if we have Indian restaurants here. I have not tried Indian food before and not sure when I will. I do not like to eat out much and prefer to eat at home instead. Since the virus came upon us I for sure do not go to restaurants to eat or get take out. I may do it for a special occasion.


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