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Authentic& Mind Blowing taste Of Bengali Sweet

West Bengal is known for its rich culture and taste. West Bengal is full of taste. And In West Bengal has so much cuisine and different flavor. Bengal has famous things like Tagore and Victoria Memorial, Bongs take. People have immense pride in all of these. And people also have pride in the taste of Bengali sweets like mishit, shondesh. People have sweet tooth, people love to eat at every time like after lunch, dinner. In Delhi, there are so many places where Best Bengali sweets in Delhi is available.

In West Bengal, there is a tradition of making different kinds of sweets like pan-fried, steamed or boiled sweets, lovingly known as pithy. In Bengal people makes pithe, this indicates that winter is coming and it also indicates that rich food should be included in your diet. And the richness of Bengal has existed in the creamy silkiness of milk, which is combined with jaggery, date or sugarcane and sometimes enhances by sugar also. Pithe is making by using rice flour.

In West Bengal people love to eat fried and steamed food, most people like cakes, bhapapiţha, pakanpitha (fried), and pulipitha. The other common which people like so much. In Bengal sweets have special importance, people like sweet in their diet and In Bengali food sweets are included and in social ceremonies, people also serves different sweets. And also serves and distribute sweets during festival amongst people.

People added cheese and khoa in their sweets. In West Bengal, people eat so many sweets which are made of khoa. andchena is the specialty of West Bengal. And people offer Chena or Sandesh at all festive occasion. In Delhi, there are so many shops which serve Bengali sweets at reasonable rates. And also serves different kind of Bengali sweets at different discounts.


Sandesh is made by using Fresh Cheese. It is very soft and light .people can enjoy 3 -4 at a time and it is also good for health and hurt patient. And Sandesh is a recipe which anyone can make easily.

There are many sweets which can make using yogurts such as mishţidoi, custards, and pudding is also famous in West Bengal. And their some restaurants which serve Best Bengali sweets in Delhi.

There are so many recipes like laddu, Rasgolla, Rash Mali, misthi dui and many more. Bengal is full of taste. And there are so many specialties in sweets. When people visit Bengal they especially eat Sandesh and misthi dui there. List of few BengaliSweets: West Bengal is a place where people say sweet words because they eat different types of sweet. In Bengal, there are few shops which serve best sweets in Bengal. There is the shop which servesBestBengali-sweets-in-Delhi.

  • Kamala Sweets 
  • Annapurna Sweets
  • Rasoraj
  • Kaleva
  • Bengali Sweet Centre
  • Bangla Sweets


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Written by Jim Pulman