Mardi Gras andCOVID-19 cost them their life

She waited for years to own an RV so that she and her husband could visit places.  She did realise her dream and the last trip was to Mardi Gras, New Orleans.  She was accompanied by her husband and daughter 

All three contracted the Coronavirus and the couple succumbed while the daughter survived. The daughter could not say whether it happened while at the Mardi Gras or while being exposed on their several journies. 

It was indeed risky and they took the risk.  Sometimes one forgets what would be in store in pursuit of one’s dreams.


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Written by grace

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  1. This is not a dream come true. This irresponsibility, for which a very high price has been paid – human life. I’m sorry it happened. – That’s why so many people make mistakes. Not because they are stupid, but because they can only hope that they have made the right choice. “Susan Wiggs

  2. That’s so sad. Her dream was realized but it ended on a bad note.
    They should not have taken the risk. They should have waited till things became better. I think they thought they would not contract the disease.


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