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Manual weeding – a way to go

These days pesticides manufacturing companies have come out with weed control chemicals.  Then there are machines that are used to eradicate weeds. 

Both these methods are not effective.  The chemicals are harmful to the one who does the spraying and machines only scrape the weeds which is a temporary solution. 

Manual weeding is done when the weeds are removed along with their roots.  It may take a few years for the complete eradication but this method gradually reduces the growth of weeds in one’s property. 

Our garden has practically no weeds as we manually do the weeding pulling out their roots. 

  • What method do you use to eradicate weeds from your property?

    • Using chemicals
    • Using machines
    • Manual weeding


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  1. When I was little, my grandparents had a garden and they let me remove the weeds. It was almost a teurapetic activities, because it really calmed me down and it’s good to know that you are doing something useful.

  2. Since I only have a small garden, I am definitely using my hands to pull out the weeds. It’d be good if we can do manual weeding, or I read that there are also some natural ways for weeding, but not use any chemicals.


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