Is This Your Morphogenetic Field?

One of the most basic tenets of biology is that living things can be explained entirely in terms of physical and biochemical processes. Doctor Sheldrake’s hypothesis challenges this belief, since morphogenetic-fields and memories, do not exist in any, as yet physical form. 

Another by-product of Sheldrake’s hypothesis is that it offers possible explanations for a host of paranormal phenomena. If human beings can tune in their past, possibly, they can also tune in the pasts of other individuals. Telepathy, then, would not be thought transfer but the reading of someone else’s recent memory; clairvoyance would thus be the receiving of memories of someone who may even be some distance away.

Sheldrake’s hypothesis also lends credibility to the idea of a collective unconscious, suggested by the eminent Swiss psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, who theorized that there was a pool of unconscious images and central wisdom shared by all humans. Could this collective unconscious be a form of species memory,  a sum of human experience that our morphogenetic field passes on to us?  

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