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Lobster poor people’s food to Reach Peoples Meal.

We all know lobsters are very expensive these days but these are not so before world war 2. These are very delicious and good sources of protein. Soe these are not very easy to gate and expensive.

Back in the time, these are known as the poor man’s meal. These are available in a very large quantity and easy to get. So people with no money are eating it as a good source of protein as these are available easily. ¬†These were termed as sea cockroach and only prisoners and slaves used to eat them. But later in the 1880’s, these become very popular and demand grows among the people. SO the price of Lobster started increasing.

We now, Now the demand is more and the supply is not sufficient so these are expensive now.

Do you like to eat seafood and Lobster?

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  1. In the US State of Maine Lobster used to be given to prisoners as their primary food!

    Lobster is still produced in Maine at a huge rate, but the price is kept artificially high (like Diamonds) due to state taxes for exports. The same is true in other places that Lobsters are harvested (as well as Blue and other Crab). It is a good economic plan to keep the populations healthy!


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