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I love  bonsai and I often visit the bonsai garden for some inspiration. A couple of weeks ago when I went to the bonsai garden, I realized that the trees badly needed weeding. The novelty of having bonsai around seems to have worn off and they seem unkempt ( I thought that was the word that was apt).

This thirty year old tamarind tree is a beautiful specimen when trimmed and kept in shape. I have seen it in a better condition than this. I guess its been months since someone worked on the branches and gave it some aesthetic appeal. This one in the picture looks like an over grown bush.

Our thoughts too need some pruning and discipline. We need to be aware of what we think and where our thoughts take us. It is important to keep a positive frame of mind. Letting bitterness and negativity fill our mind would mean misery and unpleasantness in everyday life.

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    Are you aware of your thoughts?

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    Do you ensure that bitterness and negativity are all pruned out of your life?

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  1. Very nice bonsai, dear friend … in my youth, I have had to control several times when various nonsense was born on my head … I had to be very thoughtful and disciplined … now that I have not had a few years of these problems

  2. This post reminds me of the 1984 movie the Karate Kid. It was about a bullied teen. Mr. Miyagii was always pruning a bonsai tree and teaching Daniel martial art lessons. Such a good lesson and a good movie for all to watch.

  3. I try to prune and discipline my thoughts but it is sometimes very hard especially when you are surrounded by people talking and joking or laughing, or people getting mad and shouting or fighting. That is why I would much rather be alone in my little corner of the world to shut out all the other voices. Did you manage to prune that bonsai tree? Can you post a picture of the finished pruning?

    • Good to see you again History Gal, I cannot touch these trees. Though they do nothing about them they wouldn’t let me near them. I’d love to have a go at this one. It has some lovely branches and would look a pretty picture when pruned.

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