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After lunch, we went out for a walk with the kids. On the way to the sea, my daughter suddenly said: how sometimes I want to find lost somewhere my yesterday day and rewrite it. We got involved in the debate about why she needs it.

Of course, there should be a reason for it… Maybe that day wasn’t one of the happiest in life, maybe yesterday she did something that wasn’t worth doing. Maybe… You might want to sit down, simply typing words by the keyboard and rewrite your day, or erase it at all. As if it could change something…

Have you ever had this? Do you think you made mistakes in writing your life book, perhaps too much? Or even turned your life book into a draft? Draft – created from mistakes, downsides and good and painful experiences?

I said to my daughter that I have it all and it is imperative to accept it because only by loving my imperfections, we will be able to live righteously. The truth we see in the mirror every morning is real. It makes no sense to create perfection that does not exist, an illusion of happiness that is hiding behind the horizon. It is not worth looking for yesterday’s day digging into the trash of mistakes.

Life is given to us only one. Let’s survive it by accepting it as it is. And even if it’s just a draft, but let’s write as sincerely as possible: let’s love, give thanks, rejoice, make mistakes, and be able to forgive ourselves for it – that’s life and it belongs to us in all colors.

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