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Life after Loss

This poem was written when I lost a friend to cancer many years ago. I struggled with my emotions at that time. Strangely the friend was not someone I would say was one of my closest friends. Still the weight of death and loss sat heavily on me for a long time. I just pulled this poem out of a collection of poems that have never seen the light until now.

In the ocean of emotions,

like a boat caught up in a vortex,

going through the motions,

of living life, torn.

It takes a deep wave,

of determination,

to shake out of the grave,

of dark listlessness.

The benumbed,

befuddled brain,

wanders clueless,

between the past and the present.

without rest!

There is a life,

waiting out there,

waiting to be unraveled,

crying out for attention,

blow over grief.

Oh let it cease!

heart be at ease!

at ease!

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Written by Dawn

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