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Learning to ride a bike

It is customary for a child to ride a bicycle which is a form of transportation. And although the bike can cause accidents that can result in physical injuries, children are still at it. Over here, the bike is still very popular such that parents strive to buy their children a bike even if an old one.

I have to admit that I also wanted to have a bike of my own when I was young. But I did not realize that dream until now. Maybe it is already late but I am still thinking of buying a new bicycle as a Christmas gift to myself. What can you say about that wish?

  • Can you ride a bike?

    • Yes
    • no
    • maybe not anymore


What do you think?


Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. We had one bike for all 4 of us as children, the brakes were not brilliant but although I fell off the bike sometimes I had a few biking adventures on it and broke one of Mum’s thermoses on one occasion.
    I think learning to ride a bike is great and ride the bike at the gym ..

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