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Learning English

In the first three years of my schooling we had English as the medium of instruction.  Later they switched over to the vernacular with English being a second language. 

I still remember when I was in the first standard the teacher called out asking whose book that was.  She had my book in her hand.  I boldly said ‘I book’  The teacher was happy that atleast I was able to understand what she had said.  That was just the beginning. 

Much water has flowed under the bridge since then  and today I can say I have perfected the language thanks to the kind of exposure I have had.  My family has played a role and having worked for a multi-national that has helped too. I have written for several sites that pay, particularly iwriter and wikinuts. 

I know a few other languages but I can express myself the best in English. 

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  1. We have always had English classes over the years in school, but since it was a second foreign language for me, I didn’t really pay much attention. I started learning it more seriously in my early 20s and the internet helped a lot.

  2. English is used as a medium of instruction in my country from preschool to university. It’s like learning in English countries. But, in the process many don’t know how to speak their native language.

  3. Good for you. I find languages very hard to learn. I live in Israel and what Hebrew I learned as a kid was not the same Hebrew they speak in the country I learned. I had to go learn the language and it is not easy I will tell you. I speak ok,but, my writing and reading are not that great. i can watch things on Netflix in Hebrew and get the drift of what is going on.


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