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La Jenna's Cooking Challenge – Fish & Chip Friday

New Zealand has a tradition on Friday, Fish & Chips. It usually is Fish & Chips. Our Fish & Chip shops needs a serious upgrade on the quality of it’s Fish & Chips. They are usually greasy and leave grease in your mouth afterwards. Even the very best are alike. 

Here is my brother Denis, with his fish. He threw his fishing line into the Tasman sea, and caught 2 fish here. That is called, “Surf Casting”. Im not good at Surf Casting and chances are that my line gets caught into the rocks. I may have a better chance if there are no rocks around.

Hence when I see my brother, who lives in Te Kuiti, if I am lucky I receive some frozen fish or meat that he has caught while hunting. It is always of good quality what ever he gives people. He is very good at what ever he does.

However, the tradition of “Fish & Chip!” Friday came from those in the Catholic Faith. They don’t eat red meat on Fridays. So they eat “Friday & Chips!” It has also been adopted by non Catholics, as it is a convenient Friday meal, so the whole family eats and the wife does not have to cook that night.

However, for me, I do have to cook, as the grease that goes with it does not agree with me. I find that fresh fish is very expensive, so I buy frozen fish from the local supermarket. It is usually with garlic sauce and it is crumbed and I buy frozen chips. It gets cooked in the pan with rice bran oil.

Going with it, is a lemon, plus my own home made coleslaw. Chopped white & red cabbage, grated carrot, and chopped yellow capsicum and chopped parsley and basil. The dressing which isn’t much is a combination of olive oil and dijon mustard.

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