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Jasmine- the summer flower

The scented jasmine flower brings in summer or is it the other way around in that summer brings in the jasmine flower?

Jasmine is a flower that is also called the bride’s flower as most brides in India adorn jasmine garlands in their hair and the scent of the flowers reminds them of their wedding day. 

My memory is that of my sister buying these flowers for us to wear in our hair.  We were young then and she would come home for her holidays. We too got our summer holidays and that added to jasmine bringing back happy memories. 

  • Do you have scented flowers in your garden?


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  1. I love Jasmine, and am smelling it now, as it is blooming right outside this glass door to my right. The whole patio is filled with this smell. I planted a new plant last year, and it has taken over my fence and I have trained it to go up over the fence and patio roof. Thats a great shot. I’ve been having problems getting them to come out clear.

    • That photo is not mine. I picked it from the Net. I do not have jasmine in my garden at the moment but have some other that smells as good. I too am finding it difficult to get a clear picture of this plant. The flowers are beautiful. I will try again and may write a post on it.


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