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January 9th Resolution Choices

Only nine days in and I am seeing some trends.  My whole point of having choices was to be successful and have variety.  I am not quite sure that I have reached much variety.  However tomorrow is another very long work day.  So I have to think of some creative things that can be done in short spurts of time. 

I have a  pedal set up under my desk. I assume I can get and least an hour of peddling done tomorrow during work. 

I need to get the books collected after Christmas over to the school, I could get them boxed up tomorrow. 

I can get some posts that I have written at least put into drafts.

I could try and edit some kind of photo and that might take all day.

I will take all my medication, that is becoming a habit. I need to do that for at least the next three weeks so it sticks forever. 

I am going to try and use a 10 meditation at night. I have not been very successful with those and I need to give it a better try.

Finish all holiday thank notes!

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  1. William James once postulated that if you smile 10 times a day you will be happier. Everyone said in the 1880s when he proposed his theory that he was wrong. Freud was the king of psychology, not James. His theory has been tested many times in the past 100 years. It is actually true, if you try to smile more, you will be happier!

    So smile!