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January 10th Resolution Accountability

All I really have to say is that the day did not go as planned, at all. I only did one thing on my list. That means I am still on track and yet I am not feeling real great about it.

I did the deep clean on one room. The bathroom needs to be repainted so I decided to get it ready to paint.  It took most of the day to clean, go through, throw away, and remove everything. I wanted to be able to paint with everything out of the room, clean and ready to make that task a little more organized and easy.

I realize that it is only day 11, and I am still  proud of myself that I am on track. I don’t think I would be without the choices option. I am not good at being perfect.

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    Do you often repaint in your home?

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    Do you have any goals you are working on?

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  1. Right now I am glad that I am in a small two-room apartment because it was so awful when I wound up alone in Riga, Latvia after my husband passed on and I was left with an old two-story house. That was my main reason plus the memories for selling it and heading back here to the states. Now keeping house is easy.

  2. Well, deep cleaning one room takes a day usually!
    That happens with my mother, even with some help!
    I won’t be disappointed if I’m you!

    Anyway, painting can be fun… 🙂
    I used to help touching up (since they think I did a bad job painting :/)

  3. Good luck with the painting project! Back in the day we used to do those (my wife and I) in the evenings. We once did the entire main level of our house half and half (one color close to the floor one color higher).

    It was a great time, we had fun!