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Its Lockdown and we are having guests

In this time of lockdown we are having a number of guests at home. We had a butterfly come in yesterday, and all the fans were whirling like crazy so I had to chase the beauty outdoors before it got hurt. Today this little fella visited me in the garden and hung around for a long time.

There was a little black bird which came into my son’s room on Saturday through the balcony. I had left a lot of twine cut into pieces to tie up the trailing plants Β and this little one came to collect some I think. The twine was left on the table next to the door to the balcony. I couldn’t get a picture of him, as he flew away before I could get my camera out of the case.

Dragonflies seem to be always around my waterlily ponds and so are damsel flies. Bumble bees are whirring around making so much noise. Birds are chirping happily and they seem to like it when we are indoors. I am not missing socializing at all.

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    Are you missing socializing?

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    Will you tell me what keeps you busy these days?


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