It is an empty field

I can understand non verified users not wanting to come here because of delay in approvals.  But it is sad to see the absence of several verified users as well. 

It is agreed nothing much is going on here when it comes to earnings but much went on with interactions. I enjoyed interacting with several users here and going by responses and comments received I know they enjoyed the interactions too.  They are nowhere to be seen.  

It is the community that can make or break a Site.  In the ranked list atleast half of them have stopped coming here. 

Do  come back. 

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What do you think?

Written by grace


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  1. Perhaps we are fishing in a pond now with less fish, and nobody much feeding the fish either.

    I have two articles pending, one 10 days, as well.

    Whoever is managing this site seems to be taking a holiday, leaving us all frustrated in the dark.


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