It is a systematic jungle here at Solitaire

Heavy rains have converted our garden into a systematic jungle.  With lockdown the gardener is not able to come and attend to the garden.  It is a practice normally to chop down the garden to give it a manicured look.

But we will have to continue living in the jungle until the lockdown is totally lifted.  Fortunately we do not see reptiles which is a good thing.  I can still take my usual walks as we have clear paths all around.  The environment in a way is cool and peaceful with birds chirping and happy when it rains. 

Not being able to go out  in a way has not impacted me as I quite like this ambiance. 

  • Have rain gods started visiting you?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

Written by grace


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  1. Great picture, just the same.

    It is winter here now, and nothing much is growing. The warmest place is in the house. The lockdown keeps us locked up too.

    We can only go out for 4 reasons, work(includes study), food buying, exercising ( a walk around the block in the cold), or doctor visits.

  2. Great looking garden even though it is not manicured. You are blessed to have rain. Here in the Outaouais valley Canada we have had the rare rain shower since the beginning of June. It has also been a very hot summer (at least for me) with temperatures hovering at about 25 to 30 degrees Celcius and up as high as 40 degrees celcius with the humidex factor… I want winter as soon as possible….


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