Is it a coincidence.

Just come through the nwes that an Ukrainian airliner carrying at least 176 people crashed at Iran. The boing 737-800 went down killing all including the crew also.

Just before this Incident Iran fired rocket at us post in Iraq.Now they are saying they are not going to share the back box data to boing.

I am just wandering is it just coincidence that the plane got crashed because of technical problems. Adding controversy that if it was attack or there was a problem with the plane.

Time will reveal the actual reason behind this. What you think can be the reason? Anyway the tension between the two countries is not atall good at this time.

  • Do you think they should remove the tension by discussion?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?


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  1. It is beginning to look as though the events are connected and that a missile intended for Iraq hit the plane by mistake. There is no reason to assume a deliberate attack, given the large number of Iranians on the plane.

    Mechanical error seems highly unlikely, given that the plane was fully serviced only two days previously.

    This was probably a tragic accident, but caused by a missile.


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