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Is Chicago getting out of control?

01 Apr 2019

Last week the Chicago police stopped the car of a drug dealer. His car was loaded with illegal drugs and he was also armed. As they were in the process of arresting the dealer, people from the neighborhood, all carrying weapons, surrounded the police. The police were forced to let the dealer go free or be killed themselves.

This is the first time that I am aware of that something like this has happened. It has not received a lot of publicity because things that are embarrassing to our politicians are generally swept under the rug and we are having an election for a new mayor tomorrow. 

I don’t blame the police for backing down in this situation. I do blame our politicians who have tied the hands of the police so that things got to this point. I’m also not sure how it could be stopped at this point.

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Written by Gary J Sibio

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    • That’s why gun control never works. The law-abiding people turn in their weapons but they aren’t the ones who commit these crimes. The gangs aren’t going to turn in their weapons and, even if the police manage somehow to confiscate some of them, they just get more.

      In the USA gun ownership has doubled since 1995. In that same period violent crime dropped drastically. The cities with the most gun violence are the ones with the strictest gun laws.

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