Fashion Sense: Air Jordan OG by Nike

  1. ) Beanie by C.C
  2. ) Old Navy Collectabilitees Totally Classic! Superman by Old Navy
  3. ) Levi’s San Francisco Demi Curve Skinny by Levi’s®
  4. ) Air Jordan OG by Nike

I am wearing the first Jordan Brand shoe made for women, the Women’s Air Jordan OG. These shoes were originally released in 1998 and was the very first Brand Jordan model built exclusively for women.

Rest in peace, Betty White

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Written by Thomas Gouard

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      • yeah, because when i go shoe shopping, i notice the men’s shoes are huge and clunky, way too wide for my narrow feet. but i finally found a vibram barefoot shoes with wide toe area at a Nordstrom new year’s eve sale, 25% off. i want to wear it with toe separators because my right foot has a slight bunion, and regular shoes tend to squish my toes together.

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