If you travel far enough, you will eventually meet yourself

We can believe in myths or legends. We can believe in anything. And it’s even easier to attribute that to yourself. Or we can deny it without even looking at it, but by categorically rejecting it. We can run away from ourselves, lie to ourselves, pretend that we are living our lives when, in fact, we are ready to bury it under tens of tons of earth.

Look, life is around the corner and laughing eagerly waiting when we will get what we have chosen.

We ran out of the way, believing we would “cut off the corner”. But nowhere will we disappear. There comes a time when we have no choice but to confront it. And it’s scary because it’s unclear whether we can. Asking “why it happened to me” as if it were some kind of punishment. But it was we who chose it, even if we don’t remember that. We feel where to go. And as soon as we try to turn back, we get evidence that there is no way back. We can go just ahead.

We look at people who live differently. Like ordinary, normal people. But with the whole being, we feel that it is not ours. And it really takes time to accept, because sometimes we only want earthly life and nothing more on earth. Then the fight ends, and we accept ourselves as we are. We realize that an alien standard will never work for us. And that for everyone this earth exists differently.

We can run away from ourselves for another ten years. And we can stop right now. Accept sincerely who we are. Even if it is difficult and very uncomfortable. Stop pretending and start living a life we clearly feel, not the myth we are trying to believe.

© Fortune, 2009

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