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If there were only wishes

If you really want it, you need it. And if you don’t want to, you don’t need it. 

Everything is so simple if there were only wishes. If we delete all the “need”. If we close our eyes to “I have” and push all “must” to the side. And for the pricks of conscience, we would give a considerable dose of sleeping pills.

If only wishes were left…and as if waving with a wand of magic, everything would be as in dreams.

But, but, but… while perfectionism and attention to unfinished works ask for our attention, we have to land on the ground. And to understand that it is as it is.

Oh well, despite everything and nothing – it is very good. Especially when late morning can start slow. Cozy. In no hurry. With a cup of coffee and a small piece of delicious cake. And I forget all the “must” and “I need” because today behind the windows, it is raining again, and I have any unfinished projects and I am dreaming only about a vacation to start and the sun heat.

 In the photo – Wadi Rum, Jordan.

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  1. I have learnt that it is better to get started and get doing rather than being perfectionist and stare at all the unfinished piles of projects.