I was taken for a ride

Being a keen gardener I always keep a watch on anything new to be introduced in my garden. Most of the time I go online for seeds. 

I came across this seller who was offering rose seeds for a rainbow rose  I grabbed the opportunity and ordered for them.  They were pretty expensive.  What I forgot to check was the review.

As soon as they arrived I followed the instructions given but nothing happened.  They did not germinate. I later checked to see if anyone had any success with these seeds and started reading reviews and as I had expected no one had any success. 

This seller took everyone for a ride including me but strangely the site that markets these seeds continues to do so despite the complaints and reviews. 

  • Do you think there is a rainbow rose somewhere?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

Written by grace


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  1. These roses like the one in the photo are usually done by cutting the stem of a white rose into strings and putting each string in different water containers with dye. I don’t think such colors can appear on a bush, but there are other beautiful multicolored roses.


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